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Sammamish students at gradation in 2023
Welcome to Sammamish!

Proud home of the Redhawks! We are a community of lifelong learners focused on developing global competency while preparing for success in college and 21st Century careers.

Sammamish High School tudents in a health sciences class
Redhawks Provide Care

Sammamish offers a wide array of unique Career and Technical Education (CTE) course offerings. The health science career program introduces students to a variety of careers in the health industry for those interested in becoming nurses, physicians, and other providers.

Students in the glass blowing studio at Sammamish High School
Fired Up at Sammamish!

By offering one-of-a-kind opportunities for students, like studio glass blowing, Sammamish provides a dynamic learning experience that maximizes the potential of each and every student.

Leading the Way

At Sammamish, we continually grow as an equitable community that is supportive and inclusive.

Our Mission

Our mission is for students and staff to develop an individual and collective purpose while supporting each other to achieve continued academic excellence and personal growth.

Uniquely Sammamish

Sammamish High School is one of four comprehensive public high schools in the Bellevue School District. Here are three things that are uniquely Sammamish...

Students experimenting in classroom
Student using a flight simulator in the aviation class at Sammamish High.
Students playing instruments outside
Students in the Black Student Union at Sammamish High
Sammamish Senior Class Officers, Class of2024

Uniquely Sammamish

Sammamish High School is one of four comprehensive public high schools in the Bellevue School District. Here are five things that are uniquely Sammamish...

Sharing Our Stories

Hear from our learning community who share their thoughts on leading, learning and playing at Sammamish.

Lorinda Flikkema

I have been teaching at SHS since 1999. I absolutely love this community of students and staff. The school is diverse, warm, welcoming and accepting of all. I wouldn't want to teach anywhere else...My goal is to finish my teaching career at SHS. GO REDHAWKS!

Jae Holt

I chose to teach at Sammamish High School because the diversity here offers a unique opportunity to be exposed to and integrate many social and cultural experiences in my classroom. Every day is a new learning opportunity that I enjoy sharing with my students, emphasizing that each of their personal experiences matter.

Maria Barrios

The youth mental health crisis in America awakened me to take action, not to cower in fear. Research shows that early intervention and treatment can make a difference for our young people. That’s why I’m on a mission to support and bring the best mental health support for our kids through the Bellevue Schools Foundation. They deserve a chance to thrive and succeed and they need to know they are not alone. See 2023-2024 BSF investments at Sammamish High School and districtwide. 

Maria Garcia Sandoval

As a Latina science teacher, working at SHS is a real joy. I get to connect with students from different backgrounds, listen to their stories, and learn from them. It is fostering an inclusive environment where everyone has an opportunity to be themselves and explore the world through education.